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BROADCAST OF SWISS TV - View a live surgery - sunday 29th of January 2017

Broadcast of swiss radio - Direct from the operating room - friday 17th of May 2013

Dr Frechet and his patient have been interviewed during the surgical procedure.
If you wish to listen to this interview, please use the green button below. (Only french)

My LATEST book

My latest book : “Hair Loss-the Solutions” has been published by « Éditions  Grancher » :
There you will find more detailed explanations.
Everything is said about hair.
A whole chapter is dedicated to answering the questions that my patients ask me most frequently during the consultations.
I hope that you shall find the answers to your own questions.


For 30 years, Doctor Patrick Frechet has dedicated himself exclusively to the practice of hair restoration surgery and to the development of this discipline by inventing whole new techniques.
The author unveils for us his experience.
Why the hair falls, will it grow back again, why does it make us suffer so much?
In this didactic book, illustrated with clinical cases, the author answers to the interrogations
of the patients, in the light of the new therapies. He shares with us the benefit of his long experience as a physician full of humanity and scientific knowledge.
One is informed about “miracle” treatments of which they only bear the name, the available therapies or those to come, and what can be expected from the novelty in hair care.
Also everything is said about hair restoration surgery and the cutting edge techniques.
This book allows us to anticipate results that we could not dream of a few years ago and reveals all the latest possibilities in this field.

Founding president of the European Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, doctor Patrick Frechet is the leading international specialist for the treatment of baldness.
He has introduced a technique of gain of tissue by inventing the  Frechet Extender, manufactured in France and patented worldwide.

Illustrated with coloured photos
Format : 142 x 215 mm
Price : 25 Euros

You can find my book at your book-shop, or by ordering directly to the publisher.

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