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Docteur Patrick Frechet

DoctOR Patrick Frechet

Doctor Patrick Frechet studied medicine at the University of Montpellier, followed by three years of residency at Paris University.
Then, after one more year of practical studies in microsurgery, he decided to enter the field of hair restoration surgery which was at its early stages. This caused him to travel to United States, Australia and Japan.

For over 30 years, Doctor Frechet has dedicated himself exclusively to the practice and development of this discipline by inventing whole new techniques.
His contribution has played a major role in the advancement of this field which has now reached its maturity.


Doctor Frechet has invented surgical techniques recognized internationally.He is one of two physicians in the world to have invented the technique of «gain of tissue» applicable for both reconstructive and hair restoration surgery.His main inventions and innovations are:

  1. The « Frechet Extender ®» for scalp extension or gain of tissue, awarded for the year's best clinical innovation.
  2. The “double”, the “triple” and then the “quadruple transposition flap” also called the « Fréchet Flap », awarded for the year's best clinical innovation.
  3. The « micro strip grafts ».
  4. Grafting technique using perpendicular incisions.
  5. The invisible scar for scalp surgery.
    All these techniques are performed under local anaesthesia on an outpatient basis. Their combination may often be necessary to obtain a good result.
  6. The Fronto-occipital transposition flap.
  7. The Anchor-flap.
  8. A technique to prevent and avoid flap necrosis


He is the first physician to have been awarded the «golden follicle», for the best clinical innovation: TORONTO CANADA (1994).
He was selected for:


Doctor Frechet has just published his most recent book for the public at large titled “Hair Loss - the Solutions” (Grancher press).

He has published over 100 original scientific articles in Europe, U.S.A, and Japan, and contributed to major textbooks on hair restoration Surgery.

He is the editor of the journal of the European Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, which he founded in 1997.

He is regularly invited to symposiums throughout the world to lecture, teach and demonstrate his techniques.

He has contributed to the foundation of the three major hair restoration societies: The European Society of Hair Restoration Surgery and two other societies from the United States.

As founding president of the European Society Dr Frechet organizes an annual congress and live surgery workshop for the tuition of physicians from around the world.

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