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Female pattern baldness is also caused by hormonal and genetic factors. Usually, female hair loss results in a general thinning of the hair, although the front hairline and the occipital region above the nape of the neck are left intact.
However, certain women experience only a loss in the temple area, associated sometimes with a slight receding hairline in the front.

At what age does it happen?

It tends to occur around the age of 50, but it can also affect younger women.

How can it be treated?

The only effective and definitive treatment is surgery. Transplanted hair lasts a lifetime.

What aesthetic results can patients expect?

In cases suitable for surgical treatment, transplanted hair can achieve very satisfactory and completely natural thickening of the thinned areas. This may take one or several sessions of treatment.

How long does it take to achieve visible results?

The transplanted hair begins to grow after 3 months.
For the new hair to appear and be visible, they need to grow to a certain length which takes from 6 to 8 months.

What can patients expect from modern surgery carried out by a highly experienced surgeon versed in the technique?

Totally natural and undetectable results with hair that lasts a lifetime. Treatment under local anaesthesia eliminates the risks associated with surgery and reduces pain to a minimum. Patients of all ages can be treated.


In cases where women consider themselves to have “too high foreheads” through birth, or as a result of facelifts, the frontal hairline can be pulled down to reduce the height of the forehead to the ideal level.
This operation is performed using local anaesthesia and does not require hospitalization.
The patient leaves the doctor’s surgery or clinic without any bandage.
The results are immediate.


Lowering of a high forehead
Photos above : young lady with a high forehead before treatment.
Photos below : Result after treatment, the hairline has been lowered.

Before treatment: Young lady with a high forehead from birth.
After treatment: The forehead has been reduced in height by sliding down the frontal hairline under local anaesthesia. The result is immediate with a maximum of density.

Localized hairloss before and after treatment by "microstrip grafts"

Pronounced temporal recession.
Density and natural result are obtained using “microstrip grafts” exclusively.

Before and after treatment by hair transplantation

Diffuse and severe hair loss. Before and after hair transplantation.

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