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Available techniques and their uses

Hair transplantation

The hair transplantation technique is the oldest procedure whereby hair is harvested from the back of the head in the occipital region and is then implanted in the bald or balding areas. After three months the transplanted hair will grow for all the patients’ lifetime.

The various grafts are called micrografts, minigrafts, and follicular units.
A finer form is the microstrip grafts, improved upon in its appearance by Dr Frechet, which offers both a very healthy hair growth with a good density and remains undetectable to the naked eye.

For male patients, we have already noted that the quantity of hair which can be harvested from the donor zone is limited and may only cover relatively small areas of the patient’s scalp such as frontal baldness, temporal areas etc...

For female patients, on the other hand, who typically tend to suffer from diffuse hair loss, larger areas may be treated with transplants to increase the density of the existing hair.
Special care is needed for female patients so that existing healthy hair in thinning areas are not damaged.

Evidently, much depends upon the physicians experience and aesthetic talent in all areas of hair restoration surgery. For example, in the case of man, he must often recreate a natural hairline and temporal peaks which may have receded or completely disappeared by grafting hairs one by one.

Grafting is also used to recreate eyebrows, eyelashes, moustache, pubic hair, sideburns after facelifts and to repair scars.

Before and after hair transplantation

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