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Welcome to my website. I hope it will answer your questions about hair loss and its solutions.

I want this website to cover the entire subject of hair restoration surgery which concerns you, beginning with the causes of hair loss, which can benefit from surgery and then, the available techniques suitable for each case.

Having practiced exclusively hair restoration surgery and scalp repair for over 30 years, at first in Paris, then at Genolier Clinic in Switzerland, now in Geneva, and performing the entire procedure myself, I have learnt from my patients the great benefits it brings to them and the care it requires.

A specialist in hair restoration surgery should know how to perform all the techniques available in order to propose to each patient the best solution for his case.

I have just published a new book (Grancher press) on the subject titled “Hair Loss – the Solutions”.

This book deals comprehensively with all matters relating to hair and hair loss, and also covers all the medical and surgical treatments.

Here I would like to thank all my patients who have accepted to publish their photos , their comments and testimonies, making it possible for you to realize what can be achieved .


Baldness or androgenetic alopécia, due to androgens (male hormones) and genetics affects approximately 30% of men at 30 years of age, 50% at 50, and 1 woman out of 10. Thanks to the progress made in hair restoration surgery, hair loss can be treated effectively and permanently.

Grafts are used for the front to cover the bald areas.
For larger bald areas, the “Frechet extender”® can be used to treat the top (Vertex) and the back of the head by increasing the surface of the hair-bearing scalp which will then cover the bald area that is being removed.

What are the benefits of hair restoration surgery psychologically?
Hair restoration surgery raises self-esteem in patients and they find renewed confidence in themselves. By avoiding premature ageing, they gain a new lease of life.

Aesthetically, a full head of hair instantly makes people look younger, gives their face more character and enhances their appearance.


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