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Available techniques and their uses

The invisible scar™.

To avoid any technique of harvesting grafts with a punch, even miniaturized, which leaves a multitude of dotted-like white scars that become larger with time, producing a mottled aspect in the donor area, another very important recent advance invented and used by Doctor Frechet (published in the “French Journal of aesthetic Surgery”, 2005 and in the USA “Dermatologic Surgery”, 2007) is the invisible scar closure technique.
All patients can benefit from this new, innovative procedure which is very appreciated and often undetectable by even the patient’s hairdresser.
This involves creating hair growth directly within the scar, thereby rendering the scar invisible or almost.
It finds its application for the closure of the donor site with excellent results and allows the patients to wear their hair short.

This technique is also used to repair or improve large and unsightly scars.

Close up view after magnification of the donor site which has been shaved to visualize :

  Left : Conventional scar drawing a fine line on the top. Minimal scar underneath using the Frechet technique.
Right : Invisible scar (Frechet technique) hair growing in the scar in a less regular manner.

Left - View of an invisible scar (Frechet technique) in the donor site with hair unshaved.  
Right - Same view after magnification

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